William David Tatum

Forensic Theologian

Faith has been cast aside with respect to understanding and reason reigns supreme.  Reason has no divine center if it stands alone; no objective standards exist, i.e., norms and values become relative.  Within this process, we find a final phase where everything is permitted.  The name for the result of the process is nihilism!  The Culture of Death vs. The Culture of Life.  Precious is our divine center able to deal with all complexities.  God is love is being replaced with reason is love.  Reason is finite; love is infinite.  Man is thus relieved of all demands of intellectual integrity seeking balance and proportionality between conflicting realities.

The idols of this century have been Adolf Hitler, Mao, Lenin, Stalin and Saddam Hussein, to name a few.  The will of the people becomes the will to serve the idol.  God is left out of the equation.

A science god has no story for man.  Morality is unknown to it.  Efficiency is the language of this reason construct.  It begins as powerless and becomes all powerful obtaining no limits on its “rights to act on behalf of the people.”  Stewardship, duty, responsibility, especially love in any form is cast out from its impregnated beginnings.  Divine realities of salvation and redemption are lost in this process.  Sin as an original reality is not acknowledged, yet it is a foundation stone implanted in our documents of freedom by our founding fathers.

All religions can be established under our laws, but the Christology of our fathers remains supreme!  Only one name can serve as mediator between man (this term is inclusive given Gn. 1: 27 – him, male and female,created He them) and the creator of the heavens and the earth.  That name is Jesus Christ.  A name that makes the evil one and his minions tremble.

The key biblical phrase amongst many is given when the demonic is given the imperative:  “What is your name?”  The answer confirms portions of the dialogue that takes place during key phrases of a Catholic exorcism.  “Our name is legion, there are many of us!”

Possession in a secular sense pertains to emotional structures contained in the emotional heartland of man.  Demonic Possession is as different as night and day.  This book opens a long closed door to an understanding based on twenty years of study and research, endorsed by men of great intellectual, literary and theological expertise.

Wisdom is a gift of our Father who art in heaven and it is obtained through “fear of the Lord.”  This ‘fear’ is little understood by the general public for it is not a secular construct.  Rather, this ‘fear’ is a reverential trust and leaning on the Lord to direct your will once that key door to service has been opened.  Thus, an insight of the names given to the minions of the Evil One is given on the search engine of the web site.  Sometimes the missives from hell do not give a name, but when they do, we shall see that the name is in keeping with the “OPPOSITE” quality contained in biblical texts.  The Term ‘The Ape of God’ comes to us from long ago.  Read Isa. 62: vs. 2 and compare with Rev. 2: vs. 17 – Rev. 3: vs. 12 – Rev. 17: vs. 5 – Rev. 14: vs. 1 – Once read with profound patience, one sees that Rev. 17: vs. 5 is one of the keys to understanding that other reality wherein the evil one gives to his minions NAMES!  Those names are given in correspondence to newspapers, television stations and law enforcement; demonic missives all!

In sum – THE GHOST KILLER – Atlanta, Ga. – THIS IS ZODIAC – San Francisco & New York City – SON OF SAM – New York City – BIND, TORTURE, KILL – Wichita, Kansas – JACK THE RIPPER – Leeds, England – FC – The Unabomber name – and those unknown to me but known to law enforcement that has not yet established the agency required to deal with that OTHER REALITY!

I reflect on Daniel being called upon to interpret a dream of a King and going to his three close associates making known what can only be learned from the Holy One.  Dan. 2: vs. 14-17 makes clear that with FAITH Daniel went directly to the King and asked for time.  Daniel then sought the wisdom contained in Dan. 2: vs. 18.  We learn that FAITH in ACTION is a motto deserving of understanding.  – All true understanding comes through the GRACE OF GOD!

Finally, Daniel 9: vs. 1 begins with the fullness of prayer and request for mercy to God, the Father leading to the angel Gabriel appearing confirming that Daniel is “beloved.”  All of this leads to a key of understanding wherein I have called for the re-establishment of the prayer taken from MASS in 1972 given in my new introduction.  For Daniel 12: vs. 1 confirms the role of MICHAEL, the archangel, and his appointment by the Holy One to deal directly with the evil one and his minions.  This web site may well lead to the re-introduction of this PRAYER by the Universal Catholic Church in the MASS!

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