October 1999

“To Solve A Problem, First Define It Properly”

William David Tatum

Forensic Theologian (B. 1934 - -------)


By rejecting the existence of the demonic confirmed in scripture, tradition and experience, man denies the multiple attestation of this reality so massive and coherent and so impressive as to make all secular denial ludicrous.

William Tatum

Forensic Theologian


New religions are like new wine they need time to become valid.  The new wine of the early 1500’s cannot contain an understanding of unadulterated Christology able to confront and overcome the evil one and his minions. Even then, instances of the perfectly possessed demand the love of God offered through the one door containing the truth, the way and the life. Many doctrines of theology prevail but they are never equal.  Doctrine has a hierarchy.  Its name begins with the word!

William David Tatum

(b. 1934 - --------)

“And I say also unto thee, that thou art Peter and upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of hades shall not prevail against it.”

Mt. 16:18

William David Tatum


Multiple Murder & Demonic Possession

Another Reality – 1977-1997 -------


1998 – 1999

“Matter does not make laws it obeys laws given to it.  The word give implies a GIVER! – Man has laws given to him above matter, i.e., ought to be does not reside in matter only in man!

Him as confirmed in Gen: 1:27 is inclusive of male and female, i.e., him, male and female, created he them!

Presently, criminology accepts all rationalist and psychological-psychiatric schools of thought with respect to certain cases of singular, mass and serial murder in the world.  Reason without transcendence is not equal to the task of determining the causative-motivational factors in these cases compounded with facets of enigma and mystery.  Rather, the existence of a knowledge proper to human reason is a necessity.

Given that man will never determine the depths of the will by scientific means, the intellect combined with Christian will brings into existence the spiritual nature of these crimes – thus, the seeming insoluble riddle of certain cases of singular, mass and serial murder can be discerned as falling under the umbrella of the demonic.”

William David Tatum, Forensic Theologian


CERTAIN not all singular, multiple and serial homicide in the world require a database of both secular and theological understandings to obtain understanding.

REFERENCE:  The Jonbenet Ramsey Homicide & The Unabomber Saga

The sacred cannot be defined precisely because it refers to those ways through which the infinity of the divine manifests itself to finite human beings.

Revelation is more than man’s experience.  Secular man seeks to

understand the laws that govern the things that are apparent to us and nothing more.

Revelation dispels some not all facets of confusion found in demonic missives from hell and allows critical discernment of that ultimate reality to partially manifest itself.

The demonic documents seem impossible to fathom.  At the heart of the perplexing content are logical and illogical conundrums.  They are truly a thorny thicket of thistles!

Once pierced, by unadulterated Christology, one is confirmed that faith and reason are interwoven throughout the process of understanding in the search for truth.

Simply, to comprehend the language and credibility of revelation is to employ implicitly and explicitly the tools of reason.

Revelation opens up questions and possible answers for reason that it would not otherwise recognize.

William David Tatum 

Author - Forensic Theologian

God, as Creator, is ultimately incomprehensible to the creature.  No man can understand everything about God.


“To this (sphere of religion) there also belongs the faith in the possibility that the regulations valid for the world of existence are rational, that is comprehensible to reason.  I cannot conceive of a genuine scientist without that profound faith.  The situation may be expressed by an image:  science religion is lame, religion without science is blind.”

Albert Einstein

(source: quoted from Science, Philosophy and Religion – A

Symposium, p. 285, New York: Harper & Row, 1941)

There is no doubt in my mind that Albert Einstein is speaking of the Judaic- Christian religion with emphasis on the Judaic.  (REF: ‘that profound understand’) The use of the word ‘lame’ may well be conceived as a ‘stumbling block’ to reason obtaining

understanding.  We come full circle to the heart of Christology that revelation makes available to reason answers in certain, not all, singular, mass and serial homicides in the world that would not otherwise be available.

William David Tatum, Forensic Theologian


City of God – Book Nineteen – Chapter Four

“What of the so-called primary natural goods of the mind itself, the sense and intellect, the first of the two for perception and the other for the comprehension of truth?  But, what kind of perception remains where a man becomes deaf and blind, to say nothing of other defects?  And where do reason and intelligence withdraw, where do they sleep when a man is crazed by some disease?  When the insane say or do many absurd things that are mostly alien to their own aims and characters – and are even

contrary to their good aims and characters, when we consider or see the actions and words of insane people we can scarcely refrain from tears, or perhaps we cannot.

What shall I say of those afflicted by demonic possession?  Where is their own intelligence hidden or buried while the evil spirit is using their souls and bodies according to his own will?  ------ And eagerness or an impulse to act, if either is the correct meaning for what the Greeks call horme, is also considered to be among the primary natural goods.  Yet, is not impulse itself accountable for those miserable movements and actions of the insane which

horrify us, when sensation is deceived and reason deranged?

St. Augustine of Hippo

  1. B.354 – 430 A.D.)

African Father of The Universal Catholic Church

DEMONIC Impulse is the causative-motivational factor in CERTAIN cases of singular, mass and serial murder in the world.


William David Tatum, Forensic Theologian


1) Pride is denial of God, an invention of the devil, the despising of

men, the mother of condemnation, the offspring of praise, a sign of sterility, flight from divine assistance, the precursor of madness, the herald of falls, a foothold for satanic possession, source of anger, door of hypocrisy, the support of demons, the guardian of sins, the patron of unsympathy, the rejection of compassion, a bitter inquisitor, an inhuman judge, an opponent of God, a root of


John Climacus – lived in the sixth or early seventh century A.D. – Taken from the Ladder of Divine Ascent

“Christian gnosis becomes firmly founded through charity”

Clement of Alexandria-Clement, Stomata, VI. 9:78, p. 272 Louis Bouyer, The Spirituality of the New Testament and The Fathers (New York: The Seabury Press. 1963) p. x1

“Our Lord repeated a teaching which He had traced for me in outline yesterday.  It is this:  that although, in order to adore God, I make use of that knowledge which He gives me of Himself in prayer, I ought to adore the unknown in Him more that the known, and consider the lights He gives me concerning the Divinity.  “Beyond what thou knowest,” Jesus said to me interiorly, “There is the UNKNOWN which is infinite.”

Lucie Christine (1844-1908)

(The Fire And The Cloud – An Anthology of Catholic Spirituality) - Published by Paulist Press

“…and what is this God? I asked the earth and it answered:  ‘I am not he,” and all things that are in the earth made the same confession…I said to all the things that throng about the gateways of the senses:  ‘Tell me of my God, since you are not he; tell me something of him.’  And they cried out in a great voice: ‘He made us.’  My question was my gazing upon them, and their answer was their beauty …I asked the whole frame of the universe about

my God, and it answered me: ‘I am not He, but He made me!’

St. Augustine (B. 354-430)

An African Father of the Church

Bishop of Hippo – Africa

“The love which, by the great goodness of God, contemplative souls possess, in infinite love, takes all fear from them and gives them security and true hope, in boundless charity, that they will never cease to will what God wills; hence, there is naught left for them to fear.”

Bernadine De Laredo (1482-1540)

The Fire and The Cloud An Anthology of Catholic Spirituality – Paulist Pres

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