Vermont Law School Insert:

"The demon, having done its work through his human instruments, departs, and the killer feels no guilt, as if he had not been there, as if the deed had been done by someone else."

Professor Peter Kreeft, Philosophy Department, Boston College

The Origins of the words “mental disease or defect”

In the year 1843 in England, a man committed an act of murder as explained on page 94 of my book.  The M’Naughten Rule –1843 came into existence.

To compliment that law, THE TATUM RULE – 1998 has come into existence, understood for the first time in the annals of criminology by a Professor at the University of Vermont Law School.  The substance of the invitation to lecture and the results thereof follow.  Part and parcel to my invitation to lecture 80 constitutional law students at the Vermont Law School was the confirmation that THE TATUM RULE – 1998 had been included in the final exam question given to the advanced constitutional law class at the end of the semester.  Another key paragraph in that invitation portends my testimony to take place in the very near future at the PENALTY PHASE of a major trial determining not the guilt or innocence of the accused of a homicide(s) but whether the devil was alive and active.

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