September 20, 1999 A "Wave of Evil" In America

                                                                     Governor George Bush Jr. got it right! "I wish I knew the law to make people love one another." Love has an opposite hate! Hate is a profound two-edged sword having a secular and theological base of understanding. Christian love speaks directly to the demonic.

Two words, love-hate, bring a profound confusion into the minds of all Americans.

The confusion continues unabated. Morality is at the heart of religion and the conflict is joined at the intersection of the human heart of evil intent and the demonic, i.e., one human, one demonic. Demonic possession is what is meant by EVIL.

"God is love." (1 John 4:16 --- confirms that Governor George Bush Jr. Has it right. There is a right and wrong in the spiritual heart of mankind and an "ought to be" and they did not originate in any evolutionary scheme of belief. I hope to speed up the process of overturning William of Ockham (c.a. 1325) who participated in separating faith and reason more than 744 years ago. If we begin with Christian faith, many answers will come forth only present to reason through tradition, scripture and revelation.

The level of ignorance by the public square and law enforcement is monumental. An agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation can touch on the subject of demonology without fully comprehending its meaning! Referring to the recent shooting at the Wedgwood Baptist Church in Ft. Worth, Texas: "This has the appearance of being a very troubled man, who, for whatever reason in his own mind, sought to quiet whatever demons that bothered him."

This misuse of the word demon is prevalent throughout law enforcement. Christian demonology with respect to singular, mass and serial homicide is not within the competence or understanding of law enforcement.

The same Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation made another statement: "Some writings found in the apartment of the shooter were religious and some were anti-religious." All of our federal agencies are composed of caring, proficient individuals who carry out their tasks effectively with compassion and are, all, to be commended.

However, demonic possession and facets thereof are alien to them all and profound ignorance is contained in their understanding and grasp of the homicides taking place in different venues. Central to CERTAIN, but not all of these homicides;( i.e., recent shootings), is the demonic and it should be distinguished from EVIL emanating from the human heart - an emotional structure response within the capacity of all human beings. Most of us can control that revenge-inspired impulse to take vengeance on another party or institution.

Christian demonology is not in the textbooks of psychiatrists and psychologists. Let us examine the actual words of the participants in order to "see" and note the profound patterns that emerge in these events. For the first time in the history of criminology, the words Forensic Theology will gain credence, and in time, belief.

Kim Herron-Church, counselor at Wedgwood Baptist Church: "(called the gunman) Satan incarnate." Church minister, Al Meredith: "(pointing the finger of blame) the Prince of Darkness is behind it all, I'm convinced of that." The Daily News of September 17, 1999 P. 26 confirmed: "Evil, not guns, killed."

All speak to demonic possession of an individual and simultaneously the use of such words is not allowed in the public square or the courts of law. No wonder profound confusion continues on such a massive scale!

Demonic possession is a different kettle of fish! Key to the understanding of all Americans is that THE DEMONIC WRITES! Without this facet of grasping the demonic, profound confusion continues unabated.

Beheading is a key pattern in some of these demonic homicides. Witness the Gainesville Ripper placing the head of his victim on a shelf so that the opening of a door would reflect the head in an attached mirror! Three women had been abducted in Yosemite national Park. Two victims were found later in a car, one almost beheaded. It was later learned that the diabolical had taken the wallet of one of the victims many miles away from the scene of the homicides in order to throw suspicion from his person.

The 'bait' was taken by law enforcement and a group of suspects was taken into custody and allusions made that the killers had been found. Not so; The illogical then took place CONFOUNDING law enforcement. A 'tip' had been received. The 'tip' was a document. Law enforcement was told where to find the third hostage and, once found, she had been beheaded! The tip still did not ALERT law enforcement that with a different profile (NOT ACCEPTABLE AT THIS TIME TO LAW ENFORCEMENT WORLDWIDE); all activity should have shifted to a SINGLE MALE who may have been interviewed in that particular area.

The killer then proceeded to find a fourth victim whom he beheaded.

The Yosemite killer gave details in his letter that only the actual party who had committed the acts would know. After his capture, he acknowledged that he had another party lick the envelope to conceal his DNA - yet he wrote the MISSIVE FROM HELL giving the location of the third victim found beheaded! Confusion is the ace card of the EVIL ONE! This language is simply not acceptable to law enforcement.

This is not to say that the fourth victim could have been saved.

The DOCUMENTS in the following cases outlined in my book are demonic:

Chairman, Evil Forces - Columbus, Ga.

Son of Sam - New York City (6 years to capture)

The Ghost Killer - Atlanta, Ga.

Bind, Torture, Kill - Wichita, Kansas

All efforts during the last twenty years have proved fruitless for law enforcement will not entertain demonic possession in their equations of CAUSITIVE-MOTIVATIONAL factors in certain, but not all cases of singular, mass and serial murder.

At the heart of the UNABOMBER SAGA were documents of a DEMONIC nature. When the public square learns that the seventeen-year run of Theodore Kaczinski might have been prevented, there will be a great gnashing of teeth! Now the enigma and mystery surrounding the JON-BENET SAGA seeks UNDERSTANDING!

At the center is the ALLEGED RANSOM NOTE! The ransom note is a demonic missive only to be interpreted by a Forensic Theologian. A well-known criminal defense lawyer, now age 87, had written to Mr. Alex Hunter in Boulder, Colorado requesting the testimony of the Forensic Theologian. Six men who have written sixty books have endorsed his position. The reply was profound: The testimony of William Tatum as to the fact of the ransom note is not relevant. Further, his testimony is not acceptable in the State of Colorado! These are the comments of that office in Boulder not withstanding the fact that a linguist may have testified to bolster their position that Patsy Ramsey wrote the alleged ransom note. No woman to date in my twenty years of research has written a demonic missive!

Let me say that Jeffery Dahmer seemed quite normal to his last potential victim. It took three seconds while looking at his fish bowl for the victim to have a handcuff on one hand!

The detective who took into custody a 14-year old boy after committing shootings at a school was astounded on arrival at the police station to be attacked by his young charge holding a knife! (a knife hidden in an ankle holder.)- so sudden - so unexpected!

Like the twice-escaped Theodore Bundy who was not taken into complete PROTECTIVE CUSTODY by law enforcement for the simple reason that THEY DID NOT KNOW WHAT THEY WERE CONTENDING WITH!

Soon, anger management, copycat, gun control and other mistaken formulations will be placed on the back burner as not the KEY CAUSATIVE-MOTIVATIONAL FACTOR in certain not ALL cases of singular, mass and serial HOMICIDE.

Ron Dreher of The New York Post in a recent column stated: "One waits in vain for the Federal Task Force or blue-ribbon government panel looking into the ROOT CAUSE of these bloody programs, etc."

Michael Corneal in Pedacuh, Ky., at the completion of a prayer meeting calmly placed his earplugs on and began firing his weapon, even though his sister was present. The Minister's son confronted him even though one bullet was still in the chamber. Michael Corneal said: "Kill me." Then, looking at the Minister's son said: "Did I do that?" - "It was like I was in a dream." Sadly, the Judaic-Islam and Protestant denominations do not lend credence to the demonic as a factor in these events.

Even some Catholic theologians do not believe the devil is alive and active in the world. When, not if, the next event takes place will the world's first Forensic Theologian be called to testify at the hoped for hearings? I think not! Secular man believes he has complete autonomy. Spirit does not exist. Man can find the answers within his REASON-INTELLECT domain.

William Tatum

Forensic Theologian

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